How many steps will you take?

Outdoor Introspection

[By: Sean Glenn] Today was a really nice day to march.  Today I saw lots of sunflowers!  They were absolutely beautiful.  They were buds… sometimes.  Others were not yet to that point.  I kissed lots of them.  They made me smile.  We marchers whistled, “You Are My Sunshine.”  We planted more sunflower seeds, more friends [...]

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Marching with Mary and Birdie

[By: Mary DeCamp; Tucson, AZ] As one of our newest distance Marchers, I want to share my delight with this movement. I joined the Climate March in Glendale, AZ because that was the closest point to my home in Tucson.  My participation with the Occupy Tucson encampment went a long way in preparing me for this endeavor, and [...]

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Social Sustainability

By: Debaura James, New Mexico I joined my fellow-marchers way back in Long Beach California in late February with funds raised to march as far as Phoenix.  Little did I know how difficult it would be to leave this new family of which I would become a member! It was shocking and a bit disconcerting for [...]

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